Shishay̓u7ay̓ is the name for Britannia Beach. This area, and all the way down to Xweḵw’ále7em (Porteau Cove) was an area with lots of important resources for the Squamish people. The Squamish people would come here to gather many kinds of medicinal plants which they would make into teas to help with all different aches and pains. The area was rich in marine life such as fish, clams, and crabs, and was known as a good place to hunt for mountain goats, deer, and bears.

The name Shishay̓u7ay̓ means “place of the screech owls” because you could usually hear these owls hooting here at night. It is believed that these owls represented the spirits of people who had recently passed away. Some also say that during mythological times, trespassers at Shishay̓u7ay̓ were transformed into stone.