Sch’el̓ḵ’s is a big boulder on Erwin Point in West Vancouver near Horseshoe Bay. Different Squamish legends tell of how the boulder got there. One version of the legend is that X̱aays, the Transformers, were camping at Point Grey when one of them decided he was going to knock the top off a mountain he could see in the distance (which was Mount Baker). He put a rock into a sling called a “sch’el̓ḵ’s” and swung the rock which knocked the top off the mountain! His brother then decided he would do the same to Nch’kay̓ (Mount Garibaldi). He put a rock in his sch’el̓ḵ’s and went to swing it, but his brother bumped him and the rock slipped, landing across the inlet instead. That rock is the boulder is called Sch’el̓ḵ’s, the word for a sling, which is still there today. Other versions of this legend say that it was Raven that tried to knock the top off the mountain, or that Raven knocked the rock off course.